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Python NULL: A comprehensive guide in 2023

In this blog, you will learn everything about the python NULL operator. We will understand how to use NULL in various situations. so let’s get started.

Basic of python null

In python, the NONE keyword is used to define the NULL values. There is no NULL object in python. The behavior of NULL in python differs from other programming languages like C, C++, or JAVA.

None in python

The NONE keyword is used to define NULL in python. In Python, the NONE keyword is not equal to 0 or an empty string or FALSE.NONE has its own data type which is NoneType.

We can allocate None to any variable, but you can not create NoneType objects.

In python, a function returns NONE when there is no return statement.

def empty_fun():


The above code gives NONE as the output

None in python

Syntax of python NONE

The syntax of python NONE follows the below pattern.


Python None vs NULL

In Python, None is an instance of the NoneType object. None has no object value in python.

Python None vs NULL

On the other hand, there is no NULL in python. Users need to use NONE instead of null values.

Python None vs NULL

Python null check

In this session, we will understand how to check if a value is NONE in python. Let’s understand this with the below example.

var = None
if var is None:
  print("var is None")
  print("var is Not None")

The above code prints “var is None”

Python null check

since in python NONE keyword is used to represent NULL, so a user needs to compare a value with NONE.

Python null string

In this session, you will understand how to check if a string is NULL or NONE in python.

In python, string NONE and NONE objects are 2 different things you can not compare a sting NONE with a None object. It will always return the false as output.

Python null string

Instead, you can check if a string is empty in python using the below code snipped.

str= ""
if (len(str)==0):
  print("string is empty")
  print("string is not empty")

The above code will print the “string is empty” as output.

Python null string

Additional python null operations

In this session, we will understand how to use the Python NULL operator to perform various operations.

Python is null or empty

In python, NULL or empty can be checked using the python len() function. Below is the code snipped to check the null or empty in python.

var= "  "
if (len(str.strip())==0):
  print("not empty")

The strip() function is used along with the len() function to remove any blank spaces.

python if not null

In python, a variable that is not NULL can be checked using the is None method. Below is the code snipped to verify not NULL

var= "hello naiveskill"

if var is not None:

Since var is not null so we will get True as output.

python if not null

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