With the help of the redis client, a user can interact with the redis programmatically.

Redis has a client available for almost every programming language.

The most widely used redis clients are:- 1. Python client 2. NPM client 3. LUA client 4.Java client 5. C client

redis-py is the most popular library to interact with redis using python. It can be installed using a pip.

Python Client

Node-redis is the popular, high-performance Redis client for Node.js. It can be installed by typing npm install redis

NPM client

redis-lua is a popular Lua client library for the Redis advanced key-value database.

Lua client

Jedis is a popular Java client for redis and is designed to keep performance and ease of use in mind. To get started add Jedis related configs in the maven file.

JAVA client

Hiredis is a minimalistic C client library for the Redis database. The library comes with multiple APIs.

C client