To analyse big data efficiently, users need to choose the perfect visualisation tools. The top data visualisation tool are:-

Tableau is the most widely used data visualisation tool which is used by data analysts, scientists, and data engineers across the industry.


Looker is another real-time data visualisation tool that can connect to various data sources like Snowflake, BigQuery, etc.


using D3 or data-driven, the user can bind data to a DOM in a document and can manipulate documents from anywhere.


Google charts have a wide variety of chart galleries, which can be used to represent complex data.

Google Chart

Power BI is a data visualisation tool developed by Microsoft. It is available for both on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Power BI

Grafana is a completely open-source and free-to-use data visualisation and analytics tool. Grafana dashboards are integrated with many commercial big data tools.


Zoho reports or Zoho analytics is another data visualisation tool using which a user can quickly create and share online reports.

Zoho Reports